Santa Fe School
Children 4 years old 
on/before 8/15/15 may enroll
 You will need to bring with you
3 proofs of residency 
& proof of income

Children 5 years old 
on/before 8/15/15 may enroll
Will need to have before school starts 
or day of registration;
3 proofs of residency
Birth Certificate
Social Security #
Kindergarten shot & physical record

Directions for Student Log in


Student accounts for the All Schools are ready for use.  Here is the format for their login

The computer login is their First Name.LastName (example John.Doe)

Their email address is First (example

Their Office 365 Login is their email

Their Password is their First initial, last initial (in Caps) and the last 4 of their student ID number


The exception to this is some accounts had longer names than the amount allowed by Microsoft.  We have sent a list of these accounts to the school or you can look them up in office 365 in the People Section.